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In the history of evolution, the human society we know was merely a speck. Relentless expansion and the quest for land brought all other species to the brink of extinction. But the survival instinct goes deep. As the human race began to fragment and weaken, caught in a brutal hopeless quest for ever-scarcer resources, the beast race adapted, learned, and became stronger.

It began to seem that the humans themselves would fade into the history they had once written, the enfeebled progeny of a race grown stupid and lazy. But then a new warrior class emerged. They called themselves the Legion of Man, and declared themselves masters of Newerth. They lived for slaughter and bloody conquest. Could these few men turn the tide of history and save the human race from extinction?

Into this chaos was born a young human child called Ophelia. She soon realized she had magical powers that she knew would be feared and misunderstood by the Legion. She could communicate with nature and the beasts; where other humans had come to fear nature, and the beasts that dwelled there. She felt the pain and suffering of the beast race after thousands of years of human domination.

After witnessing an incident of great human brutality, the slaughter of a group of wise beasts by the Legion of Man, Ophelia pledged herself to the Beast cause - turning her back on her bloodied human heritage. She declared herself Queen of the Beast Horde and the liberator of Newerth. She taught the beasts to use magic and helped them unlock long-dormant natural powers of Entropy, Fire, and Strata, which they could apply to lessons of war.

The beasts and the humans are now fighting for their very survival. It is a primal battle for one race to control the resources and security of Newerth.

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