Model CreationEdit

S1 basic tutorial 001


You will want to create the model first thing. When doing this you want to make sure you keep it as simple as possible. (Fig.1) Edit: This tutorial is for 3ds max. Other progams might exist that work too.

Object CollisionEdit

S1 basic tutorial 002


The way that the silverback engine is setup. It doesn't use the mesh you created as a collision detector but you have to create collision boxes that will be used for it.(Fig.2)

A collision box must be Convex Hull (means like a balloon can't curve in). You must name your collision surfaces starting with _surf (you can put any alpha-numeric character after _surf).

Here is a guide on creating proper surfs:[[1]]


S1 basic tutorial 003


Now that you have created both the model and the collision surfaces you are ready for a bit of animation. Depending on the object you are creating you may have idling, death, or other action animations. Simply create the animation you desire and keep in mind the key frames. (fig.3)


S1 basic tutorial 004


S1 basic tutorial 005


You've completed all modeling, collision surfaces, animation. You are now ready to export. Now you may be wondering, "so like which generic 3d file type do I save to before changing the extension to .model?". They have actually created a plug-in for 3ds max which has its own method of conversion. Well you probably want it so here have it Click Here save to computer.
 Extract to *3dsmax*/stdplugs/

Restart 3ds max if you didn't have the plug-in already loaded. Then, continue tutorial. (fig.4)(fig.5)

Now you are ready to Export!

Check out later tutorials for more advanced model creation and exporting. Hope this Helps!

Eclipse says: If I can just add a few points here, firstly make sure the _surf and model scale points are the same, else you'll end up with some really nice errors (like floating collision boxes, collision boxes that don't match the hit mesh...

Also, the animation rates used in the current animations are nowhere near standard, I've seen 10f/s and 13f/s and all sorts on different models. There should probably be a standard implemented at some point, but that's just my opinion. A standard would make import/export and future modification much easier...

That's all for now, though if there's call for it (which I doubt) I'll write some more stuff.