The Resources in Savage 1 are used to build buildings like Nexus or Towers. Only the Commander of a team can use them. Every player can get Resources from a Redstone Mine or a Gold Mine. To get Resources for your team from a mine just attack a Redstone Mine or Gold Mine with normal melee(Nomad, Savage, Legionnaire, Scavanger, Stalker, Predator) or with Venemous, Rabid or Carnivourus. Wont work if you attack with a hunting bow or somthing like that! After you attacked the Mine a few time move to your Lair/Stronghold or to a Garrison/Sublair to give your commander the needed resources. With the Tombstone Mod a new Resource building was added: Sawmill. This new building gives you automaticly Stone and Gold you just have to hit them once like a Spawnflag.

Redstone MineEdit

Redstone mine

Redstone Mine

Redstone mine gives you Restone for your team. The Commander can use it to build buildings or to research items/weapons.

Gold MineEdit

Gold mine

Gold Mine

Gold mine gives you Gold for your team. The Commander can use it to build buildings or to research items/weapons. This gold is not the same as that which you get from NPCs! NPC Gold is for you, the player (with some taxes of 30% to the Commander) and the Goldmine gold goes 100% to the Commander!




Sawmills are from the Tombstone mod and are only available on ts_ or xr_ maps. You have to hit a sawmill once with melee (like a spawnflag) to get it for your team. It gives your team/commander Redstone, but its not very fast. The positive effect of a sawmill is, that it does never deplete!

How to get ResourcesEdit

(WIKI) Resources

(WIKI) Resources

How to get Resources

Basically, all you have to do to get resources - such as redstone - is attacking the redstone mine with your hatchet.

As nomad level 2 and upwards, you can carry 50 redstone.

To give that resources back to your team, you'll have to walk back to your base (e.g. Garrison or Stronghold) and catch the wall of the building. Now you gave your team the gained resources.

An often used technique is to "Pmine" - what means "Powermine". The commander places a garrison as close as possible to the redstone mine. Now, you can just place your unit right between the mine and the building.

With that technique you'll save a huge amount of time. If some players act together, with that technique you can gain alot of resources in a short time. That will give your commander the ability to act very fast and can be important to win the game as well.