Beast unit shammon
General Information
Race Beast Horde
Level Healer / Support Unit
Price 1500
Start HP 250
Max. HP  ???

Has a melee attack, that can be used for repairing, mining and hitting enemies. His melee is the only attack he has. The second item is for healing allies. Shoot at wounded units, damaged siege units or damaged buildings to restore some of their health. The third item is the resurrect. You can only resurect main units and other shamans. You can only resurrect people if they didn't go to the load screen yet. These people are marked with a skull on the map and have a red cross hovering above them. The third item is the shield ray. Use it on allied units or buildings that are under attack. It decreases the damage received by 60%. Only one ray can have effect on each individual target at any time. The shield effect does not stack.

Note: The shaman has 3 items/tools wich have to be researched by the commander. If they are researched, the shaman spawns with them. There is only one slot left, that he can choose which items to equip or unequip. If you are a shaman and the research for a new shaman item is completed, you have to go to loadout and sell and buy the shaman to have the new item.